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    Name one ride that nearly every amusement park in the world has, the Carousel has always been the first ride to come to my mind. Calm Spring's Carousel is a Faller Kinderkarussell(Children's Carousel) so it isn't quite a full size carousel, but it look pretty close to a full size one.

    The very first assignment is to decal the chariots, however we decided that the white chariots with brown and gold decals just didn't look real enough so instead we decided to paint the inside brown and the outside gold. At the same time we also started painting the 28 horses that would gallop around the Carousel.

    The completed chariots also feature silver poles to aid the riders in getting on and off the ride. The figures used in the chariots are all Model Power figures(with their legs trimmed to fit), the figures on the horses are mainly Faller figures but there is one or two Model Power figures there too.

    After completing the platform, the next step is the center support and roof, a hair bow was used to hold the center support parts in place while the glue dried.

    Again, I felt like I could improve the look of my Carousel with a little paint so we painted the support poles that go on the outside of the Carousel, silver. The "paintings" that go around the Carousel are decals that go under included window foil, we done the opposite as we weren't clear on the instructions, I dont notice any difference between my model and the box. The jewels presented the biggest challenge on this model, I found that by wetting my finger with my tongue, the plastic jewels would stick to my fingers just long enough to place the jewels in the frames.

    The next step is to place the motor in the base(not pictured) and place the Carousel on the motor then glue the hub to the roof but nothing else. I placed the motor in the base, but left the wires loose. My first thought was "Uh-oh" then I remembered a trick I use to do wiring the park's baseboard. I wrapped the wire around a length of thread and gently pulled them(one at a time) through the cut out inside the base. The last step is to decal and assemble the canopy.

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