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    Crazy Clown
    Would you believe that this is a Children's ride? The prototype(real ride) is a Children's Ride produced by Sartori Rides in Italy, sometimes this type of ride is named Hully Gully. Similar in design but smaller than the Chance Rides Wipeout in the United States, the Crazy Clown features an adorable clown sometimes holding a hula-hoop and other circus themed images.

    This model looks extremely hard to build at first glance because the internal mechanism reminds me of a watch mechanism. My first glance was wrong, this model gave me very little and minor problems.

    In the center picture is the part of the arm that lifts the carousel during operation while the spring device in the photo on the right spins the carousel the opposite direction of the arm holding the carousel up.

    Pictures 8 and 9 show the hardest part of the build for me, attaching the backdrop to the platform. The instructions say to use rubber bands(not provided) to hold the backdrop on while the glue dries, the backdrop has to be carefully bent to fit the platform. When I was removing the rubber bands to from the ride after the glue had dried, one of the wires that attaches to a button inside of the broke loose after being pinned between the rubber band and the backdrop. I had to remove the backdrop, get the wire soldered backon and restart the process of attaching the backdrop.

    Upon assembling and attempting to fricton fit the carousel to the arm, I discovered that I had built the arm upside down. Some careful prying and gluing fixed my oversight easily.

    The completed carousel with riders, only thing missing is the hula-hoop which is very fragile and falls off easily. In the end after some research I discovered that some Crazy Clown rides did not have the hula-hoop; some appeared broken off while others looked like the they never had one to begin with. I decided that I didn't want to re-install the hula-hoop. Shortly after picture 14 was taken, I stopped construction on the model for about a year. The ride's main sign was quite easy to bend and install compared to the backdrop.

    My Crazy Clown lacks the two light poles on the front of the ride, but these will be added later; either functional or just decorative.

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