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    Musik Express
    One of my favorite fair rides, the Musik Express comes in several variants made by several different ride companies. Each different model varies in multiple way but the basic ride is the same, sometimes with a tunnel.

    Included in the kit is a pink paint marker, however the blue base results in a purple paint stripe. I also want to note that the motor hangs 3 quarters of an inch below the same.

    The base has a few decals on place on it in addition to the ramp and outside tunnel walls, once these were completed I screwed the motor to the housing and glued the housing to the center of the base. The middle photo shows the completed arms, the tool I used the get the axel in place, an axel, a wheel and a nickel to show the size of the parts. The photo on the right shows the painted lapbars, molded in white but painted silver.

    The yellow arms consist of six pieces including a tire wheel and metal pin, I highly recommend using a needle applicator to oil the pin and the hole it fits in. Following oiling the parts, a pin nailer was used to "drive" the pin in place. The arms are then placed in the holes and connected to each via a staple. The cars and decorative "canvas" parts simply just sit in place on the arms.

    On the photo on the left I want to stress that you follow the instructions, they may not look correct but trust me they are correct. The middle photo shows the addition of the front supports and the handrails, be extra careful with the handrails they break easily. Lastly the photo on the right shows the underside of the overhang, a fair amount of detail that will be hard to see.

    Photo number 13 features the outside of the tunnel, this is actually six pieces that were glued together quickly to allow adjustments. The middle photo shows the sign which we covered in glitter for a more protypical appearance and the last photo shows the underside of the awning.

    The completed Musik Express with some scenery around it.

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