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    Shooting Saloon
    Step right up and give your best shot at the park's shooting gallery! This is a Faller Saloon Shooting Stand with some paint added to make the structure look even better.

    All photos can be enlarged! It has been 15 years since I built a Faller kit and my Wilde Maus kit was never finished nor did it work. I researched a lot of Faller kits and their instructions as I was preparing to start Calm Springs Amusement Park knowing full well that Faller models would be most of the kits in the park.

    First thing I noticed as I was looking through the contents of the box was there are parts that will NOT be used for this model, a lot of them actually! Second thing I noticed was a very welcome surprise, English signs to cover or replace German signs. Of course, black paint on the inside of structure is a given to reduce lighted walls; the decals are "Peel N Stick" also.

    Pictured above is the booth, the facade(with clear plastic in place to represent windows) and the second story "rooms". The booth is plastic while the rest of the kit is Laser Cut Wood, I added brown paint to the overhang of the booth to help it blend in with the facade. Below is the finished model all lite up, I wonder what the cowboys are doing upstairs?

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